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Jumper Cable
Jumper Cable

Specification of Water Cooled Jumper / Sub Cable :
  • Design of Cable as per Customers Specification with very less tolerance.
  • Special type of rubber hose with the High flexibility, more than 10 Kg/cm2 Capacity and to protect to high temperature water for safe operation.
    Excellent cooling effect even in continued welding operation.
  • Copper wire size is 33 Gauge for 300 MCM & 400 MCM as per standard of RWMA.
  • Accurate copper straight lugs or copper bend lug with 99% conductivity of Electrolytic Copper. Little Impedance & little Reactance drop.
  • Fantastic water testing units with Pressure 10 to 12 Kg/cm2, each and every Cable are tested.
  • Good Quality product with Long Life and very competitive rate. Long cable life reduces cable cost per weld - the true measure of cost cable.
  • We have good team of engineers with more than 10 Years experience in same field.
  • Strict Quality Control during production, delivery as per schedule.
  • Easy for check & replacement & maintenance.
  • We have own Quality Assurance Plan of our products.
  • Water Cooled Jumpers (WJ) come equipped with full length filter tubes, to insure the free flow of water through the entire cable. Bending or kinking will not reduce water flow.
    To order cables you need to determine: 1] Type of end 2] Cable Gauge 3] Length
    A chart for sizing the correct gauge cable is on the right of the page, as well as guidelines for installation.